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To gain the full benefit of public relations and public affairs you need to manage the space you’re seeking to influence.
— Carrick Graham
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Businesses need to better understand how to address issues that have Government, Media and Stakeholder interest. All of these can impact on business and personal reputations.

GMS Management meets the demand for specialist knowledge and skill-sets in these areas. The result is being better informed about the environment in which you operate. 

The firm is managed by Carrick Graham who is widely recognised as one of New Zealand's leading PR and corporate affairs experts. He has significant experience in managing and resolving difficult issues for both companies and private individuals.



Our Services



GMS Management provides public affairs advice to companies and individuals seeking to influence government and policy issues. We source and provide information that identifies who and how people are shaping or influencing the political, regulatory and policy environment. Insights may result in a commercial or competitive advantage. 



Crisis Communications is not just about what to do when a crisis strikes but how to identify potential crises and how and what to do to reduce the chances of a crisis happening in the first place. Having worked on reputation management and crisis communications with many different people over the past two decades,  it is important to know that while PR efforts seek to influence 'stakeholder' views, they don't address the personal impact a crisis can have on an individual. Having people that understand this is vital to successfully managing a crisis.



We identify who is shaping or influencing a regulatory issue and whether competitors, or others, are engaged at a policy or political level. We provide information that enables a more in-depth and fact-based understanding of the landscape in which you operate. Simply put, utilising fact-based political, regulatory, market intelligence enables better decision making that gives a company a competitive advantage and can build goodwill.

GMS Management provides not only advanced visibility on issues relevant to a client's business, but also the development of strategies to respond to these issues.







Successful public affairs activities should be based on positive engagement and be backed by sound knowledge of the participants engaged in, and or, exerting influence on issues.




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