Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications is not just about what to do when a crisis strikes but how to identify potential crises and how and what to do to reduce the chances of a crisis happening in the first place.

In resolving issues for companies, we've found that there are four key questions that require consideration. These are;

1. What is the major problem the company is facing?

2. Is there a regulatory issue affecting the profitability of the company?

3. How are you currently communicating about this issue?

4. What is the biggest 'time-bomb' in the company?

When a crisis hits, it's a very stressful time. But, it is worth remembering the following

Having worked on reputation management and crisis communications with many different people over the past two decades,  it is important to know that while PR efforts seek to influence 'stakeholder' views, they don't address the personal impact a crisis can have on an individual. Having people that understand this is vital to successfully managing a crisis.