About Us - Competitor Research & Analysis | Government Relations | Media Support

Over the last few years businesses operating in New Zealand have recognised the need to better understand how to address issues that have Government, Media and Stakeholder interest.

There is a growing demand by businesses for specialist knowledge and skill-sets in these areas with many seeing commercial benefits occurring as a result of being better informed about the environment in which they operate. We provide hands-on support to our clients to deliver leading business strategies including government relations, crisis/issues management, stakeholder identification, competitor research and analysis, alongside media support.

GMS Management provides not only advanced visibility on issues relevant to a client’s business, but also the development of strategies to respond to current, and or emerging issues. We will also be able to tell you what your competitors are up to and if they are gaining an advantage.

The firm is managed by Carrick Graham who is widely recognised as one of New Zealand's leading PR and corporate affairs experts. He has significant experience in managing and resolving difficult issues for both companies and private individuals.

Due to our extensive knowledge and experience in these areas, we can quickly distill what is important and how this knowledge can create longer-term business value. This sets us apart from other consultancy firms.