“Carrick is an incredibly strategic thinker, with great insight into all areas of politics, public affairs and the media. He has the ability to rapidly assess key challenges and opportunities and respond in a manner that maximizes the advantages of his client. There is no question that it was a pleasure working with Carrick, that he has earned my profound respect, and is a professional of the highest order.”

 Josh Goldberg, Director of Strategy at Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Wellness


“Carrick is a professional communicator and facilitator, able to achieve business objectives through strong negotiation, networking and communication. He has a deep understanding of political and business landscapes so able to support business through understanding the way government operates.”

Rowan Tonkin, HR Professional  


“Carrick has in-depth knowledge of the NZ market, incredible insight and an extensive network to call upon. I have worked and used Carrick’s services many times and have been very pleased with the business results and the professional manner that such work has been conducted.”

Brendon Urlich, Managing Director, L'Oreal Vietnam


“Carrick had a unique grasp of the fundamentals of the NZ regulatory system. He was an asset not only because of his commitment to the organization but because his technical prowess and networking skills enabled a balanced approach to be taken in the highly-charged NZ regulatory environment. He would be one of the first people I would engage with on any policy issues requiring insight and support within the NZ political spectrum”

Chris Carston, Chief Marketing Officer, SJS


“Carrick is a person you most definitely want on your team! He is prepared to step outside the square and tackle those hard issues that most people put in the too hard basket. He is politically savvy, astute, perceptive and always keen! If you want a strategic thinker, a smart lobbyist, who knows how to operate under the radar, at the same time finding a good storyline or creating the by-line to get the very best for your organisation then Carrick is your man!”

Hinurewa (Hinu) te Hau, General Manager, Creative Northland


“Carrick has an in-depth knowledge of the New Zealand political arena and when combined with his ability to network with empathy, his passion and determination, it creates a leading force in the corporate affairs environment in helping an organisation keep ahead of the curve and enable it to operate with business clarity.”

Scott Hill, Consultant, Western Europe